Frequently Asked Questions


Is a physical delivery the same cost for every location - near or far away?

YES, for the cost is the same for everywhere in two postal regions - Australia and Rest Of The World. We have deliberately set the delivery charge at a low cost, regardless of the particular location in those regions. The cost is then reasonable for local deliveries, while keeping the resources as affordable as possible in more distant locations.

Can I track my order delivery to Australia?

YES. Your physical order will be sent using the "Red Bag" system of Australia Post, including tracking for your delivery. When your order is sent we will email you a shipping confirmation along with this tracking number. Updates are then available on the Australia Post website: Most physical orders are delivered in 5 to 7 days within Australia. If your order is for a digital resource, you will receive an email with a link to receive your download.

Can I track my order delivery to another country?

YES. We lodge all orders as small parcels with Australia Post. For most countries this includes a Tracking Number that can be followed online. The final delivery time will be result of their logistics and the infrastructure in the destination country. The result is that most orders are delivered in 10 to 20 days internationally. (Of course, orders for digital resources are delivered immediately by download).

Should I worry if my delivery is slow to arrive?

NO. Firstly remember that we use a lower cost delivery option through Australia Post. This is to keep costs down, but it is not as fast as a courier would be - that's just the reality of the trade off between time and money. If your parcel has still not arrived in the timeframes described above, please contact us by email and we will be pleased to make enquiries from our side.

Do you offer free shipping for Australian orders?

YES. Free shipping is available for addresses in Australia where the order value is over A$75 - this is generally an order for 2 physical items. Of course, free delivery applies for all digital resources purchased in all countries.

Do you offer free shipping for International orders?

NO. Our approach for international orders is to keep the shipping charge low, but it is not free.

How quickly will I receive my order for a digital resource?

Immediately. After payment you will receive a link to receive your digital resource by Instant Download. This link will be active for 30 days.


I'm an optical wholesaler. Can I buy these products at a lower cost?

YES. We supply our eye-charts and books to optical wholesalers for them to re-sell to practitioners in different countries. For a minimum order quantity of 7 per item - eg 7 books, 7 sets of 3 near charts (21 total) - we offer a 30% discount. If you decide to resell them at our normal price, that will be a mark-up of 43%. To place a wholesale order, send an email with your company signature to

Can a School of Optometry obtain Hanks Eye Charts or Books for free?

YES. To support eyecare education, we provide eye charts and books at No Charge for use in registered Schools of Optometry. To apply, send your specific request to including your institution's official email signature

Can I get a volume discount for a multiple of the same item?

YES. This is naturally possible for people who are ordering multiple copies of our books or eye charts at the same time.
In particular, The Optometry Team was written with the intention that each staff member would have their own copy to use as a workbook and refer to in the future as their job experience developed. To get a quote for orders of multiple copies send an email to

Can I get a volume discount for a multiple of different items?

YES for Australian orders - we offer free shipping for orders over $75. This is generally 2 items or more. NO for International orders.


Can I place an order for payment on invoice?

YES. However this is only possible for people who work for large organisations where the Purchasing Policies sometimes create difficulties. This is only possible when we are able to establish the credit status of the organisation, so in nearly all cases it is much easier to place an order with your credit card and then claim reimbursement from your employer. If you do want to enquire about an order with payment on invoice, complete the form on the Contact page.

How secure is my payment when I use the Store on this website?

All credit card payments are handled by our secure online payment gateway, provided by the independent financial third party service called Stripe.

Can I pay for these items in USD, EUR or GBP?

YES. By using your credit card the charge will be received in your local currency. Our prices are set in Australian Dollars (A$ or AUD) and this will be converted to your local currency subject to the exchange rate at the time. To see this current amount we suggest you Google "AUD to EUR" for example.


How long does it take to receive my download?

After your purchase of a digital download on this website you will immediately receive a link for your download.

After purchasing a download, can I share it with my colleagues?

The digital product is solely for the use of the person who purchased it. It may be used in their business, but it is protected by copyright and may not be distributed or shared with other people.

After purchasing a download, how many times can I download it?

You will receive a link for your download. This will be active for 30 days and 3 download attempts in that period.

Can I print the downloads, or can I only view them on a screen?

All of our downloads are suitable for printing. They are printable PDF files, so you have the option of reading them on-screen or as a paper document.

Are the downloads the same as the information in the books?

No, while some topics were covered in the books, they have been expanded in the monograph downloads. Other topics are completely new. For example, the 3 in the VA Series (eye charts, reading cards & paediatric cards) are all new. So too is the collection of Optometry Forms & Handouts, as well as the Vision Training Programs.


Can I get more information about a particular resource?

Yes. On each page for a resource there is a section called "Support". For example, this will include the Table of Contents for the chosen monograph.

Is there a way to interact with others using these resources?

Yes, you are invited to join the Facebook Group called "Optometry Practice Gowth" -

Is there more support available, beyond what is on this website?

Yes, there is a blog, Facebook page and a Facebook Group. They all have the aim of providing further support to optometrists in all countries . . . - - - www.facebook/groups/optometrypracticegrowth


Visual Acuity Chart Collection

There are many uses for this collection of different VA charts. They are excellent for use use during home visits, or for seeing patients in aged care. Simply print the charts required (eg letters, numbers, illiterate, astigmatism, etc), then use sticky tape to put them in an appropriate place for the eye test. They are also useful for use in the consulting rooms of primary care health practitioners - to measure VA or screen for driving standards, for example.

Growth Plan Worksheet

Many colleagues have room in their practices to be busier than they are. This "Growth Plan Worksheet" is a detailed and practical document for achieving growth - provided the plan is implemented of course. Importantly, it also includes a complete example to show how the Growth Plan is actually used.

Hanks Recall Studies

Returning patients are the largest proportion in any successful practice and it is said to be 6X the cost to attract a new patient, so an effective recall program is very important. To make recalls fully effective it is important to understand how they work? Tony Hanks conducted 6 different research studies about patient response rates to optometry recalls.​With almost 9,000 patients in these studies, across more than 20 optometry practices, the results are invaluable for optimising your own recalls.

Library of Forms and Handouts

This is our most popular download, simply because there are useful forms for every practice. At almost 250 A4 pages there are PRINTABLE forms for use in-practice; school children; staff meetings; common calculators; clinical; dispensing; contact lenses; management; for use-by-others; employment; community talks; press releases; reference tables; and in-practice signs.

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