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optometry practice growth

Ten Ways to Grow

Your Optometry Practice

Ten Ways to Grow

Monograph M-05 in a series written for optometrists and practice owners in all countries.

Ten Ways to Grow

Ten Practical Suggestions

This monograph describes 10 ways to grow an optometry practice. Written by an experienced optometrist, the advice is practical for easy implementation with your practice staff.

Staff Meetings

Staff Meeting Topics

Take the suggestions one at a time as a project and discuss them at a staff meeting. By involving your staff the tasks become more achievable and there will be a positive feeling of "ownership".

Different Areas to grow

Different Areas to Grow

For example . . .

  • New and Existing Patients

  • Retail Pricing and Community Groups

  • Auditing the Standard Procedures

  • Local Doctors, Traditional Media and Social Media

  • Ability to Handle low Cost Competition.

Dr Tony Hanks

The Author

Dr Tony Hanks is a well-known Australian optometrist who has received qualifications in Australia and the United States. He has over 40 years experience and a special interest in why recalls work.

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Ten Ways to Grow Your Optometry Practice



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10 Ways to Grow Your Practice - Support Files

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M-05 .. Ten Ways to Grow Your Practice - Table of Contents


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Alternate descriptions: Optometry practice growth - Optometry staff training - Optometry practice management

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