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A Project of

1% Improvements


Monograph #4 in a series written for optometrists and practice owners in all countries.

Small Achievable Improvements

For an established business it is very difficult to achieve one single big improvement, but making multiple 1% improvements is much more achievable.

Staff Meeting Topics

Take the suggestions one at a time as a project - discuss it at a staff meeting; circulate a copy to each staff member for implementation; then follow up to monitor progress and reinforcement.

Staff Engagement

Use these ideas to engage your practice staff on this project. By engaging them, the results will be easier and there will be a positive feeling of "ownership".

The Author

Dr Tony Hanks is a well-known Australian optometrist who has received qualifications in Australia and the United States. He has over 40 years experience and a special interest in why recalls work.

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Monograph #4 - A Project of 1% Improvements - Description


Alternate descriptions: Optometry practice growth - Optometry staff training - Optometry practice management


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