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Visual Acuity Series V-02 for eyecare in all countries.

Reading Card Collection

Reading Text - Adults & Children

This is a collection of high resolution printable reading cards for measuring near visual acuity (NVA) and visual performance with different tasks.


Each of the Reading Cards is A5 size (1/2 A4). They can be printed and laminated, or simply re-printed as needed after use.

Reading Card Collection
Reading Card Collection

Hobbies & Vocational Tasks

Cards are included for many popular hobbies and activities that patients are familiar with and can easily relate to.

These include music, playing cards, crosswords, computer display, telephone book, mobile phone screen, textbooks, etc.

Reading Card Collection

Printable PDF - High Resolution

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A4 Pages

Clinical Testing

The collection also includes cards for special clinical tests at the near point. 

These clinical Reading Cards include Near Snellen Chart; Astigmatic Fan, Blocks & Clock; Fused Cross Cyl; Muscle Balance; Paediatric Optotypes; Tumbling E (Illiterate E); Near Phorias / Ductions; Stereopsis and Depth Perception.

Multi-Cultural Reading Texts

Another section of the Reading card Collection is devoted to multi-cultural reading texts.

These are especially useful for those patients who do not read English. The languages included are Italian; Greek; French; Spanish; Vietnamese; and Chinese.

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