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Monograph M-07 in a series written for optometrists and practice owners in all countries.

A Complete VT Program

A Complete VT Program

This monograph contains a wide range of Vision Training forms, ready to be printed and used with patients in your practice. (A complete Table of Contents list is in the TOC Support File below).

There is also a matching planning form so that a program can be specified for each patient, together with practical examples.

Accommodation and Convergence

Accommodation & Convergence

Convergence Insufficiency is one of the most common conditions that is successfully treated with Vision Training. Instructions are included for Convergence Push Ups and Jump Convergence.

All exercise sheets are ready for use after printing.

Amblyopia and Suppression

Amblyopia & Suppression

The resources for Amblyopia include instructions for Occlusion Therapy, as well exercises to be completed while the patch is being worn.

Other exercises are suitable for use with cyan/red anaglyph glasses, or with a singlered filter.

Visual Motor Skills and Perception

Visual Motor Skills & Perception

These exercises are presented in 3 levels to suit different ages of children.

The Visual Motor Skills and Visual Perception exercises can be used for those specific areas, or as part of a program for amblyopia and other conditions.

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Monograph #7 - Vision Training

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Monograph #7 - Vision Training

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