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Hanks Near Eye Charts


Laminated A4 Hanks Near Eye Charts include a variety of realistic near tasks.

The two sides of each chart contain versions for Adults & Children.

Habitual Testing

Ideal for testing near vision using common tasks in habitual positions.

These eye test charts are presented in a convenient double-sided A4 format, so you always have the "right" chart.

Realistic Tasks

Hanks Near Eye Charts include tasks that patients can relate to . . . 


  • Music;

  • Stock-listings;

  • Classified ads;

  • Textbooks;

  • Magazines;

  • Phone book;

  • Digital device;

  • Computer; etc.

Range of Sizes

Calibrated range of clinical sizes . . .  


  • Point sizes: From 4 to 26pt

  • Snellen: From 40/25 to 40/200

  • Jaeger: From J1 to J16

  • Decimal: From 1.60 to 0.20

  • Approx reading age: From 3 to 13 years

Adults and Children

There are 2 chart versions, each on reverse sides . . .


  • On one side is the chart for General Purpose / Adults

  • On the other side is the chart for Children

  • Supplied in sets of 3 for convenient use around the practice (Exam, Dispensing, Reception)

Usable Corridor Width

Since 2015 the "Usable Corridor Width Scale" has been included as part of the Hanks Near Eye Chart . . .


  • Designed for use when troubleshooting patients with progressive spectacle lenses

  • Measures the width of the usable reading area in each eye, or the binocular field.

TGA and Laminated

Medical Device (Class 1) with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


  • ARTG Record # 164851 for visual acuity test

  • Produced on durable A4 cardboard with heavy lamination

Aust$43.50 for 3 double-sided charts ($14.50 ea)

Aust$24.00 for chart collection delivered as a download

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Near Eye Charts - Support Files

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Alternate descriptions: Near eye chart - Reading chart - Hanks eye chart


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