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near eye charts

Hanks Near Eye Charts

Near Eye Charts

Laminated A4 Hanks Near Eye Charts include a variety of realistic near tasks.

The two sides of each chart contain versions for Adults & Children.

Hanks Near Eye Chart

Habitual Testing

Ideal for testing near vision using common tasks in habitual positions.

These eye test charts are presented in a convenient double-sided A4 format, so you always have the "right" chart.

Hanks Near Eye Chart

Adults and Children

There are 2 chart versions, each on reverse sides . . .


  • On one side is the chart for General Purpose / Adults

  • On the other side is the chart for Children

  • Supplied in sets of 3 for convenient use around the practice (Exam, Dispensing, Reception)

Aust$ 43.50 for 3 double-sided charts

($14.50 ea) - GST Free

Hanks Near Eye Chart

Realistic Tasks

Hanks Near Eye Charts include tasks that patients can relate to . . . 


  • Music;

  • Stock-listings;

  • Classified ads;

  • Textbooks;

  • Magazines;

  • Phone book;

  • Digital device;

  • Computer; etc.


Clinical Charts

Editions of the Hanks Near Eye Chart after 2022 have more useful features..


  • Convenient popular clinical tests - these charts include astigmatic fan, duochrome, cross-cyl, convergence, suppression, etc.

  • Usable Corridor Width Scale measures the width of the usable reading area with progressive spectacle lenses.

Distributed by BOC Ophthalmic Instruments

Hanks Near Eye Chart

Range of Clinical Sizes

  • N Sizes: From N4 to N28

  • Snellen: From 40/25 to 40/200

  • Jaeger: From J1 to J16

  • Decimal: From 1.60 to 0.20

  • LogMAR: -0.20 to 0.70

  • Approx reading age: From 3 to 13 years

TGA and laminated

TGA and Laminated

Medical Device (Class 1) with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


  • ARTG Record # 164851 for visual acuity test

  • Produced on durable A4 cardboard with heavy lamination

We also have a Digital Option

for near VA charts

Near Charts - Description

Complete Description of
Hanks Near Eye Charts


Near Charts - Support Files

View our Library of Support Files for the Hanks Near Eye Charts

Near Charts - Distributor

Hanks Near Charts are distributed by BOC Ophthalmic Instruments, Sydney Australia

Near Eye Charts Support




"We have been using these charts for over 20 years and we really appreciate that the one chart is useful for so many different things."



“These charts are really good for patients because they can try the tasks that they do at home or at work.”



“We like having the Hanks Near Charts in multiple locations in the practice – Consulting and Dispennsing areas. Great quality too.”

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Alternate descriptions: Near eye chart - Reading chart - Hanks eye chart

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