optometry messages on hold

Optometry Messages

On Hold


Resource for optometry practices in all countries.

MP3 Audio File

"Optometry Messages On Hold" is an audio file for use on phone systems when patients are placed on hold.

Provided in mp3 format for universal compatibility.

Current & Topical

The script has been written & updated by an experienced optometrist.

The content is based upon popular questions from real patients. Topics range from vision information, like macular degeneration, to generic product information, like AR coatings.

Studio Recording

Professionally recorded in a studio by a radio announcer.

The resulting recording has a clear, confident and friendly authority.

Full Script Available

The full script for the "Optometry Messages On Hold" is available for download in the Support Files below.

MP3 Audio File

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Optometry Messages On Hold




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Optometry Messages On Hold - Support

Optometry Messages On Hold

- Full Transcript


Optometry Messages On Hold

- Instructions for Use


Alternate descriptions: Optometry messages on hold - Optometry patient education - Optometry practice management


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