Paediatric Visual Acuity

Test Cards


Visual Acuity Series V-03 for eyecare in all countries.  *** NOW AVAILABLE ***

Paediatric Test Cards

Visual Acuity of Young Children

This is a collection of high resolution printable flash cards for measuring distance visual acuity (DVA) of young children.


Each of the Test Cards is A5 size (1/2 A4). They can be printed and laminated, or simply re-printed as needed after use.

Illiterate Visual Acuity
Paediatric Optotypes

Paediatric Optotypes

The optotypes (symbols) have been tested for recognition by young pre-school age children.

Tests include Visual Acuity from 6/60 to 6/4 (20/200 to 20/13).

Options with Crowding Bars are also included.

Binocular Vision Tests

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Paediatric VA Test Cards



A4 Pages

Other VA Test Types

The collection also includes cards for traditional testing of those unable to reliably recognise letters or numbers. 

These include the clinical standards of Tumbling E (Illiterate E) and Landolt C.

Binocularity & Other Tests

The other test cards included in this collection are . . .

     -   Paediatric Duochrome

     -   Worth 4 Dot Test

     -   Traffic Light Test

     -   Fixation Disparity

Tables are also included for conversion of results for the testing distance.

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