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what patients want book

What Patients Want

What Patients want

A book written for optometrists and practice owners. Physical book was approx 300 pages, printed in colour - GST Free.

Consumers want to feel special

Consumer Wants

Patients want to feel special and for you to be successful, so you can continue caring for their eyes.

So this book helps you to grow your practice, because that's "What Patients Want".

International survey

Concept of the Book

The book is based upon an international survey of 1,836 eyecare consumers on 4 continents, combined with the conclusions reached from the author's own experiences during 40 years of private practice.

Tony Hanks

The Author

Well-known Australian optometrist Dr Tony Hanks has received qualifications in Australia and the United States; and has over 40 years experience. He wrote "What Patients Want" based upon his successful results with patient care and practice management.

Optometry staff meeting

Includes Valuable Resources

The book includes practical learnings from other fields – like marketing & psychology.

The book also includes a valuable collection of resources and forms that can be used with patients and staff in your practice

Topics covered

The Topics Covered

  • The Consumer Survey;

  • Learning from Others;

  • The Patient Cycle;

  • Clinical Guides;

  • Practice Growth;

  • Retaining & Attracting Patients;

  • Shared Resources;

  • And a unique Practice Growth Plan.

Optometry book review

Reactions and Book Reviews

"What Patients Want" has received excellent reviews in the press - including a review from the magazine MiVision, available here in the Support Files

Printable PDF - High Resolution

Delivered by Instant Download

Delivered by Instant Download

Aust$ 24  -  GST Free

Approx USD 16 - 193 A4 Pages

What Patients Want - Support Files

Contents of the book What Patients Want


Book Review for What Patients Want - MiVision


Brief Article About Recalls - What Patients Want - MiVision


Alternate descriptions: Optometry practice growth - Optometry practice management - What Patients Want book

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