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Optometry Support

Dr Tony Hanks OAM & Mrs Vicki Hanks

From 2007 until 2019 we were proud to support the work of the charity Optometry Giving Sight (OGS). 


This global charity was founded by our friend, the late great Professor Brien Holden. Until OGS ceased operating in Australia in 2019, every purchase of Hanks Eyecharts and books included a donation to help to continue supporting Brien's legacy through OGS.


Good vision should be available to everyone, but the World Health Organisation advises that there are 600 million people in the world who are functionally blind, simply for the lack of basic eyecare and a pair of glasses.


The difference that corrected vision can make to a person's life is enormous - it can literally lift them from poverty, or enable an education.

Then we continued to raise funds to support optometry education in developing countries; with these funding our scholarships as sufficient funds were raised from sales on this website.

Dr Tony Hanks at the University of Medicine in Vietnam

Dr Anthony & Vicki Hanks Scholarships

Our scholarships have been used to support exceptional optometry students to further their professional studies in countries where optometry is emerging. They were granted by Australian optometrist Dr Tony Hanks OAM and his wife Mrs Vicki Hanks, but are currently not available. For more information follow the link below:

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