the optometry team book


The Optometry Team


Practical training to improve skills and productivity of support staff. Approx 400 pages, printed in colour - GST Free.

Optometry support staff

Develop Skills

Addresses the problem of in-practice skills and training for support staff . . .


  • Each staff member will benefit from having their own copy of this workbook - both new & existing staff

Optometry support staff

Practical Solution

A practical development manual . . .


  • Originally written for optometry support staff

  • This book is also useful for foundation studies by optometry students

Tony Hanks

The Author

"The Optometry Team" is a book by well-known Australian optometrist Tony Hanks . . .


  • Written because he could not find an existing resource for educating new support staff

  • This resource was then made available to colleagues

Bridge of spectacle frame

Concept of the Book

The concept of this book is job-specific training, presented in an illustrated and note-style format . . .


  • Easily understood by practice staff

  • Staff report that they find the book and the illustrations valuable

  • Many practices provide a copy for each team member to complete and refer to

The topics covered

The Topics Covered

Almost 400 pages covering a comprehensive range of topics. For example . . .


  • General Optometry

  • Eye Health

  • Spectacle Frames

  • Spectacle Lenses

  • Contact Lenses

  • Dispensing

  • Prac Development

  • Marketing

  • Office Procedures

  • Optom Dictionary

Check your progress

Feedback and Monitor Results

This book includes feedback pages to allow staff to check their own progress . . .


  • There's also a summary page for the supervising optometrist to monitor progress

Aust$66.00 for the standard 400 page book

Aust$39.00 for the book delivered as a download

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Alternate descriptions: Optometry staff training - Optometry practice growth - The Optometry Team book