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the optometry team book


The Optometry Team

The Optometry Team

Practical training to improve skills and productivity of support staff. Approx 400 pages, printed in colour - GST Free.

Optometry support staff

Develop Skills

Addresses the problem of in-practice skills and training for support staff . . .


  • Each staff member will benefit from having their own copy of this workbook - both new & existing staff

Optometry support staff

Practical Solution

A practical development manual . . .


  • Originally written for optometry support staff

  • This book is also useful for foundation studies by optometry students

Tony Hanks

The Author

"The Optometry Team" is a book by well-known Australian optometrist Tony Hanks . . .


  • Written because he could not find an existing resource for educating new support staff

  • This resource was then made available to colleagues

Bridge of spectacle frame

Concept of the Book

The concept of this book is job-specific training, presented in an illustrated and note-style format . . .


  • Easily understood by practice staff

  • Staff report that they find the book and the illustrations valuable

  • Many practices provide a copy for each team member to complete and refer to

The topics covered

The Topics Covered

Almost 400 pages covering a comprehensive range of topics. For example . . .


  • General Optometry

  • Eye Health

  • Spectacle Frames

  • Spectacle Lenses

  • Contact Lenses

  • Dispensing

  • Prac Development

  • Marketing

  • Office Procedures

  • Optom Dictionary

Check your progress

Feedback and Monitor Results

This book includes feedback pages to allow staff to check their own progress . . .


  • There's also a summary page for the supervising optometrist to monitor progress

Aust$66.00 for the standard 400 page book

Aust$39.00 for the book delivered as a download

- OR -

The Optometry Team - Support Files

Contents of the book The Optometry Team 


Book Review for The Optometry Team - MiVision


Completing The Optometry Team - For the Staff Member


Excerpt from The Optometry Team - Understanding Visual Acuity

Excerpt 401

Completing The Optometry Team - For the  Supervising Optometrist


Excerpt from The Optometry Team - Common Diseases of the Eye

Excerpt 405

The Optometry Team Support




"I wish I had known this was available 10 years ago. It's the most practical book I've found. Thank you!”



"We appreciate the effort you put in to developing this resource for your own staff. Thank you so much for sharing it with us."



"Thank you for The Optometry Team. I found it very informative, straight forward and easy to understand."

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Alternate descriptions: Optometry staff training - Optometry practice growth - The Optometry Team book

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