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eye test cards

Hanks Paediatric Eye Test Cards

Paediatric Eye Test Cards

A collection of 66 test cards – designed for use during vision examinations of young children.

Hanks Paediatric Eye Test Cards

Paediatric Testing

These cards were developed by an experienced optometrist, Tony Hanks.


  • Designed for use when testing the vision of young children

  • Includes a useful conversion table for when VA needs to be measured at shorter distances

Hanks Paediatric Eye Test Cards

Children's Optotypes

Hanks Paediatric Optotypes are symbols calibrated for measuring visual acuity. 


  • Snellen VA sizes from 6/60 to 6/4

  • Also notated as 20/200 to 20/14

  • Tested in clinical trials to confirm recognition of the symbols by young children

Hanks Paediatric Eye Test Cards

Colour Bar Charts

Calibrated range of clinical sizes . . .  


  • Point sizes: From 4 to 26pt

  • Snellen: From 40/25 to 40/200

  • Jaeger: From J1 to J16

  • Decimal: From 1.60 to 0.20

  • Approx reading age: From 3 to 13 years

Hanks Paediatric Eye Test Cards

Tumbling E Charts

Tumbling E (Illiterate E) Charts for visual acuity from 6/60 to 4/4 (20/200 to 20/14).


The set also includes a useful conversion table for when VA is measured at shorter distances.

Hanks Paediatric Eye Test Cards

Binocularity Charts

Tests for Binocularity and Fixation Disparity are also included.


These have been designed for use with standard red/green anaglyph glasses (not included).

TGA and laminated

TGA and Laminated

Medical Device (Class 1) with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


  • ARTG Record # 164851 for visual acuity test

  • Produced on durable A4 cardboard with heavy lamination

Aust$33.00 for a ring-bound set of 66 laminated cards

Aust$24.00 for chart collection delivered as a download

- OR -

Paediatric Test Cards - Support Files

Background & Development of Hanks Paediatric Test Cards


How to Use Hanks Paediatric Test Cards


Converting the VA Result for Shorter Test Distance - Using 20/20 Notation


Converting the VA Result for Shorter Test Distance - Using 6/6 Notation


Why the Contour Recognition Bars Are Red


Reference Table - Conversion of Visual Acuity Results - Distance (VA)


Paediatric Test Cards Support




“These cards are very effective with young children. We like that they are matt laminated and we have a set in each consulting room.”



“This is a good collection of symbols that little kids recognise. I’m also very happy with the flip-book binding.”



“These test cards are fun to use with little children. We present it as a game, but we learn so much about their vision.”

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Alternate descriptions: Paediatric eye test cards - Children eye test - Eye test flash cards - Visual acuity of children

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